ACR provides the best recruitment solutions for employers in Atlantic Canada.  Our platform for permanent hiring is tailored to meet and contribute to  employers’ business objectives and working culture.


Our vast network with the candidates offers that flexibility to the employers  when it comes to temporary hiring or staffing. ACR offers the best resource  pool which employers can dream to capitalize on seasonal opportunities. 


There is always a competition to nab the best talents. That is why as an  employer, you need that perfect domain to find and narrow your search. From  reputed blue-chip MNCs, GOVT. firms to SMEs, all are registered with ACR for  expert consultation. We have a huge data of highly-skilled professionals in  various sectors across the four Atlantic Canada provinces to choose from. 

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Why Register with Atlantic Canada Recruitment (ACR)? 

ACR helps the clients to minimize time and cost per resource hired, otherwise  it could be a costly and tedious affair. Moreover, finding the right talent is like  hitting the bull’s eye. Find out how ACR can ease your recruitment concerns to  find that perfect fit for your business needs. 

Flawless Match-making Ability 

Leveraging data automation and analytics of the talent pool, ACR offers jobs  that match perfectly to the candidates based on the information provided

Hire Skilled Professionals 

Using our wealth of experience, we develop a custom hiring strategy for each  and every client that maximizes hiring efficiency onsite or remotely to suit  business needs. 

100% Integrity with Team ACR 

Client satisfaction is the catalyst for ACR’s success and it is in our DNA. ACR  offers full satisfaction guarantee to the clients by handling their concerns or  queries with utmost expertise while finding the right talents.